Research and analytics of hotels and their environments to provide valuable information that will benefit growth and investments


Management, staffing, and training of all hotel personnel ranging from ground workers to property General Managers


Property oversight with quick and efficient provided solutions to all common issues and challenges faced at the property level by both guests and staff


Property budgeting and accounting services. Efficient developmental procedures and support for accurate financial reporting for hotel investors


Expert IT support for both guest-facing and hotel staff issues with equipment and software. Hotel websites, ad campaign & social media management

Sales & Marketing

Collaborations with all hotel GMs and Sales managers on meeting set goals. Creative concepts and incentives for guest stay programs thru media.

Our Mission

The hospitality industry is evolving and believe we must stay engaged, researching and fulfilling the industry’s latest trends and requirements. To achieve our mission, our efforts must reach our hotel staff and guests. Their contentment is the embodiment of our goals as a company and serves as the authority in which we weigh our actions and decisions against. To achieve our mission, we must stay Responsive, Engaged, and Motivated.




Our Vision

To promote a healthy and productive environment for our employees and motivate them. A positive workplace with responsible employees helps improve brand and image
Establish a high standard of excellent customer service with high guest retention rates and attract newcomers to the brand
Create a healthy and mutual relationship with our partners and investors sustenance and passion to help each other grow
Be a responsible company and make a difference in building and support of our local communities


Pratik Patel

Committed Hospitality Professional actively involved in increasing participation in advocacy from hospitality industry. Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) Chairman 2014 Learn More

Anand D. Bhakta

Certified hotel owner with strong management experience and extensive history in the hospitality industry. Also served as senior financial analyst at multiple institutions. Learn More